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Workshop: BootCaTters of the world unite! (BOTWU)

Laboratorio permanente di Corpus Linguistics

24/06/2013 dalle 00:00 alle 00:00

Dove Palazzo Montanari (ex SSLMIT), Aula 1, Corso della Repubblica 136, Forlì

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The BootCaT toolkit (in its various incarnations, e.g. the web-based version integrated in the SketchEngine or the standalone application downloadable from has become one of the most widely used tools to build web-derived corpora, its applications ranging from the construction of relatively small ad hoc corpora to more ambitious research efforts aiming to provide large reference corpora for multiple languages.

The BOTWU workshop aims to bring together those who have contributed (or would like to contribute) to the development of BootCaT, and those who have used it (or would like to use it) in their work. In so doing, we hope to better understand how the tool is used today, as well as explore new avenues for its development.



Participation is free but places are limited. If you would like to attend the workshop please send us an email ( First come, first served.

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