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Seminari di corpus linguistics

What's cooking in Brazil ? - Corpora and the translation of culinary terms Stella E. O. Tagnin Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

21/05/2014 dalle 11:00 alle 13:00

Dove Aula 1, Corso della Repubblica 136, Forlì

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"Innocent translators" tend to think that anyone can translate recipes.

After all, most people know how to cook! However, things are not that easy. Cooking is a technical domain and requires a certain degree of expertise in the field to embark on a translation. In addition, it is culturally marked. Even variants like Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese, which are mistakenly thought to be very similar, show striking differences in that domain to the point of making some European Portuguese recipes undecipherable to the Brazilian public.

 This talk will present three studies in the culinary domain that make use of corpora. The first compares recipes in European and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as British and American English. The second presents and discusses the structure of an English-Portuguese cooking dictionary aimed at complying with the needs of translators, such as usage examples, phraseology and cultural information. Finally, the third describes a "cultural entry" for a glossary of typical Brazilian ingredients and dishes.